Building and sharing the RSA vision

Each year at the RSA Conference, the cybersecurity firm relies on a strong opening keynote to rededicate itself as an industry thought leader, elevating the brand above the noise by introducing an actionable vision for the entire industry.

Collaborating early and often

RSA brings Modicum into the fold in the early planning stages of the event. We work as an extension of their team to turn the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity into a unified visual storytelling experience that weaves a creative theme and complements the speaker’s script.

Capturing attention and holding it

We use animation to help RSA maximize the effectiveness of its thought leadership, selectively incorporating motion elements to simplify complicated cybersecurity concepts, showcase the data implications, and guide audience eyes through multidimensional stories.

Highlighting the human factor

Integrating live-action photos and video with illustrated graphics is key to humanizing a tech-heavy industry. We conceptualize and execute this approach with diverse models shot in-house, injecting just the right amount of drama with techniques like slow-motion filming.

Directing the rhythm and flow

We’re uniquely positioned to align all the moving parts on RSA Conference day with in-depth knowledge of the script, the presentation, the space, and RSA itself. Our coordination of the on-screen action with the speaker and script flows seamlessly, allowing the message to shine.

Activating the momentum on social

The value of conference messaging shouldn’t stop with the event itself. We open each keynote to an entirely new audience by designing presentation content and screen layouts to make social sharing a breeze and repackaging bite-size graphics for RSA product campaigns.

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