The home page of the Hospital for Special Surgery 2021 digital Annual Report against a background of HSS branded shapes.

An annual report as innovative as the care

Using animation, interaction, and mixed media to transform a printed report into an immersive digital experience

Those little moments that make a big impact

HSS needed an annual report experience fit for the #1 orthopaedics hospital in the world. In 2020, we met the challenge by successfully reinventing their report into an all-digital experience.

In 2021, we pushed forward even further with a reimagined aesthetic, functionality, and user experience. With user data to inform our decision-making, we integrated scroll-stopping content, illustrations, micro animations, stats, and roll-over tooltips.

Medicine in motion

Capturing the brilliance of medical experts in a way that makes people want to pay attention can be really hard—that’s where video comes in. We filmed non-scripted Q&A interviews and transformed them into end-to-end narratives, direct from the doctors and supported by abstract 3D graphic visualizations.

Video integration made complex concepts feel simple and injected moments of personality that tied the whole experience together.

Read, watch, swipe-up, share

We know that readers can also be our best advocates—if we encourage them in the right way. We earned engagement with easy-to-use, strategically placed social share CTAs, including custom pathways for doctors to share their specific areas of focus with their network.

Then, we strategized, scheduled, and executed a supporting promotional campaign across social and email, reaching the right audiences in the right places.

Coming full circle

While digital unlocks an unmatched level of interactivity, we always meet our audience where they are. For a select number of stakeholders, we knew that print was the best way to earn conversions to the online experience. A promotional digest booklet served as yet another unique path to viewership.

In the report itself, we continued to bridge the gap between digital and print with custom editorial-style photography and illustrations, adding a new layer of depth and balancing the look and feel.

Immerse yourself in a new way of storytelling at

A photo of a promotional digest print booklet for the Hospital for Special Surgery's digital Annual Report.

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